Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 5 ANTM Cycle 17 Finalists

I am very excited for the newest cycle of ANTM. Here are my predictions on TOP 5 finalists for the upcoming America's Next Top Model Cycle 17.

In any order:
Allison Harvard

She's pretty and hot. A very unique face and dolly eyes. I just have a instinct feeling that she can get a top 5 spot because of her very sweet look.

Kayla Ferrel

Strong eyes and unique poses. Very genius in photo shoots. I would say that she is one of the greatest competitor of Ann Ward in cycle 15 because of her very intelligent poses.

Laura Kirkpatrick

Genius in poses and very bubbly and fun personality. She is very beautiful and I would say that she is deserving to be in the top 5 spot.

Brittany Brower

Sexy and versatile. I was really blown away with her Mud Photoshoot. She really killed it.

Alexandria Everett
Pretty face. I am sure she can get a top 5 spot with her almost fake good girl personality

Photo credits to America's Next Top Model show.

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